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Sister Lasik Surgery

We are both very pleased with the level of service we received from Whitby Vision care.  Both my sister and I wanted to get laser eye surgery but we were extremely nervous and didn't know how to go about it.  Not only did Whitby Vision Care make us more comfortable about the whole process, but they even scheduled our post op appointments together which worked extremely well with out schedules.  We can now say that we are happy that we got LASIK, and we are so grateful to the staff at Whitby Vision care!

After the surgery we experienced some minor discomfort, dryness which we fixed with drops, and we even got plano glasses the next day as we still wanted to have the option of wearing glasses as an accessory!

Having LASIK has made our lives so much easier, we highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of wearing glasses/contacts or both.  Now we can wear glasses, but we don't have to, and it is so good for our active and busy lifestyles.  If anyone is looking into this procedure, definitely ask the staff at Whitby Vision Care!!!

Also, I have a really physical job, and I spoke to the staff about my concerns when I am healing.  They put my mind at ease by suggesting poly-carbonate lenses which are impact resistant.  I no longer have to worry about anything happening to my eyes while they are healing.

Lastly...we are so happy that we got to experience it together!.  Thanks to all the staff for their friendly and accommodating service.

Sincerely....two sisters.

- Two Sisters