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Dr. Pamela Schmitz

Dr Pamela Schmitz

Dr. Pamela Schmitz began practicing in Whitby in 1994 with the continuation of the practice of Dr. Neil Murkar, with the guiding philosophy that citizens of all ages in Durham region deserve thorough and comprehensive preventative eye care in a caring, friendly and technologically-advanced environment. With a keen interest in helping children with reading and other cognitive difficulties, Dr. Schmitz is one of the few optometrists conducting visual perceptual testing in Durham.  Dr. Schmitz also enjoys assisting seniors with age related visual problems. She provides sight enhancement services, offering assistive devices such as magnifiers, telescopes, and spectacle mounted magnifiers, when vision problems cannot be corrected by regular glasses. Her practice emphasizes the promotion of good health through regular eye examinations using the latest tools for monitoring and diagnosing vision conditions.  "When you come to me, I am not just interested in your eye glasses, I'm interested in your overall visual and general well-being", she says. "We go the extra mile to service our patients."

Born and raised in Ottawa, Dr. Schmitz graduated in 1991 with Honours from a Doctor of Optometry program and Honours Bachelor of Science program at the University of Waterloo. She enjoys music, swimming and sailing with her husband and three children, and has been active in Whitby's Rotary Club.